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Attached garage within an apartment building at Hamilton Luxury Apartments
Is It Worth It To Get An Apartment With An Attached Garage In Westfield?
February 14, 2022
Apartments with attached garages in Westfield could seem pointless until you look at the protection, extra space, and convenience they give you.
Furnished apartment at Park 66 Flats
The Pros And Cons Of Furnished Apartments In Westfield
February 7, 2022
Furnished apartments sound great--furniture and a home all in one. But are they worth it? Think about the advantages and disadvantages of furnished apartments in Westfield.
Luxury open concept area at one one six apartments
What Is A Luxury Apartment In Westfield?
January 28, 2022
Are luxury apartments really superior, or is that just a word they use to entice Residents? Discover everything you need to know about luxury apartments in Westfield.
Poolside area by an apartment complex
Can A Realtor Help Me Find An Apartment In Westfield?
January 7, 2022
Have you ever asked the question during your apartment hunt: Can a realtor help me find an apartment in Westfield? Actually, they can! Explore how you can benefit.
Exterior of The Verge Apartments in the fall season.
Your Ultimate Apartment Moving Checklist For Westfield
December 20, 2021
Getting stressed while mapping out your apartment move? Use this apartment moving checklist for Westfield to make your day less stressful.
The Top Plants For Apartments In Westfield
December 17, 2021
The best plants for apartments in Westfield are hardy and low maintenance. Which variety will you bring home to Union Street Flats?
Union Flats Aerial Shot
Is It Better To Live Close To Work Or Commute In Westfield?
November 10, 2021
Are you debating if it makes sense to live close to work or commute in Westfield? You can weigh the pros or cons and then make a trip to Union Street Flats!
Large living room decorated with blue and green colors in Union Street Flats Apartments
How To Find The Right Apartment Floor Plan In Westfield
October 25, 2021
What do you need in an apartment? More than one bedroom? A spacious kitchen for entertaining? Follow this simple guide so you can find a great apartment floor plan in Westfield.
Ovehead shot of Lakeside Apartment pool.
How To Stay Cool In Your Apartment In Westfield
September 27, 2021
You dont have to blast your A/C to stay cool in your apartment in Westfield. Instead, use these helpful hints to keep your home comfortable all summer long.
Family at a pool.
What You Need To Know About Your Apartment Swimming Pool In Westfield
September 14, 2021
Admission to an apartment swimming pool in Westfield is a wonderful convenience. Stick to these simple ideas when you go to the pool, and youll have fun for the whole summer.