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Union Street Flats Westfield Apartment Living Blog

The Ultimate Apartment Cleaning Checklist For Westfield
June 17, 2022
Get every inch of your place nice and tidy with the proper supplies and this apartment cleaning checklist for Westfield tenants.
Penrose on mass apartment building
Are There Different Types Of Apartment Buildings In Westfield?
June 3, 2022
Have a preference for low-rise, mid-rise, or high-rise apartments? Trouble deciding? Heres what to know about different types of apartments in Westfield.
Nighttime exterior at Echo Park Bloomington.
Important Questions To Ask When Leasing An Apartment In Westfield
April 20, 2022
The tour went well! Now use our list of questions to ask when leasing an apartment in Westfield to make sure its the ideal apartment for you.
Fitness room at Highpointe Apartments
A Guide For Visiting Your Apartment Fitness Center In Westfield
April 11, 2022
An apartment fitness center in Westfield is a must have for exercise enthusiasts. You will appreciate your facility even more when you know what is expected of you when using it.
modern bathroom
Mindblowing Apartment Bathroom Ideas In Westfield
March 25, 2022
You shouldnt need to be forced to deal with a dull, cluttered apartment bathroom. Get inspired by these Westfield apartment bathroom ideas and create a spot you love.
Bedroom at Penrose Apartments
The Most Efficient Ways To Heat Your Apartment In Westfield
March 17, 2022
Dialing up the thermostat isnt the most efficient way to heat an apartment Westfield. This season, try these methods to keep you pleasant without the added expense.
Large bedroom at Highpointe Apartments
Your Apartment Will Feel New With These Apartment Organization Ideas In Westfield
March 9, 2022
If you enjoy having everything in its place, youll love how your home feels once you try these apartment organization ideas for Westfield.
Living room and kitchen area at Echo Park Bloomington Apartments
Are Studio Apartments The Same As Efficiency Apartments In Westfield?
March 3, 2022
When you need a smaller living space, should you choose a studio or efficiency apartment in Westfield? Heres the difference between the two and how to decide.
Attached garage within an apartment building at Hamilton Luxury Apartments
Is It Worth It To Get An Apartment With An Attached Garage In Westfield?
February 14, 2022
Apartments with attached garages in Westfield could seem pointless until you look at the protection, extra space, and convenience they give you.
Furnished apartment at Park 66 Flats
The Pros And Cons Of Furnished Apartments In Westfield
February 7, 2022
Furnished apartments sound great--furniture and a home all in one. But are they worth it? Think about the advantages and disadvantages of furnished apartments in Westfield.