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Closet Organization: How To Organize the Perfect Closet

You have unearthed the most outstanding apartment. Natural light is flooding in through the windows, the kitchen are roomy, and you can't wait to soak in the garden tub. As you start unpacking your items into the closet, it becomes evident you may have too many clothes. And shoes. Maybe your roomie won the roomier closet, your significant other actually has more clothes than you, or the space is more cramped than you thought. Here are a few tips to make the most out of your closet space.

Hangers over Folded Piles!

Hangers are generally accepted as a necessary evil. Acquiring hangers is something on your to-do list and not usually enjoyable. However, the types of hangers you pick in your closet can add or remove space. Using velvet hangers will add so much space in your closet and they're not super expensive. Also, keep your hangers the same color. It's pretty easy to become distracted by clashing hangers.
save room in your apartment closet

Organize with a Purpose!

After you've made the switch to your hanger of choice, organize your clothes by color and sleeve length. We have all been there - combing through blouses to find immaculate sleeveless blue button up. Grouping your closet from summer to winter is easy, but make it fun! Don’t forget you’re the one who has to see it every morning.

Having Folded-Clothes isn't the End of the World!

Not every item must have a hanger. Your jeans, shirts and sweaters can all be folded into drawers or shelves. Folding items will keep the closet volume manageable. The difference between hanging and folded garments will ensure you see your closet more easily.

All Space is Used Space!

Utilize extra storage for the base of the closet. Organize accessories or folded clothes in the cubbies and keep shoes underneath. If there is still capacity, the top [of|part of|area of]184] the organizer you should definitely use. There is no reason to leave empty space in a closet - only untapped possibilities.

Last Call...

If there is space in a bedroom, a rolling rack is the ideal addition to any closet. Be proactive and plan your outfits ahead of time, use your go-to pieces as decor, or simply use the said rolling rack as another storage option.
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