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Is It Better To Live Close To Work Or Commute In Westfield?

November 10, 2021
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Living near work is convenient, but what happens when you have trouble finding a property that you love? Is a long commute a possibility if you’re able to live in a great place? What should you consider, and what are the chances you will discover the ideal apartment near your job in Westfield? If you’re having trouble figuring out if it makes sense to live close to work or commute in Westfield, answer the questions that follow.

How Much Money Will You Save Living Close To Where You Work Vs. Having A Nice Apartment In Westfield?

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Does it make sense financially for you to live close to work or commute in Westfield? Depending on where your office is located, rental costs could too much. You can probably find a more agreeable place with added square footage for less money if you expand your search area. Conversely, a longer commute equates to you spending more for gas and car maintenance. You might also find that you spend extra money on drive-thru dinners, babysitting, and other needs if you have less time at home.

If you move next to your office, you could cut expenses as you’ll spend less time on the road. Once you add up the costs of living by work vs. having a nicer apartment in another area of Westfield, you will be able to decide which choice makes more financial sense.

Will A Long Commute Affect Your Health?

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Driving through the busiest times of day causes stress, and all that sitting isn’t good for you either. If you live in a stunning apartment with the amenities you want, you might not mind a lengthier driver to work. When you arrive home, you are able to relax by the pool and feel the stress of the day wash away. Also, if your apartment community has a fitness center, you are able to offset the time you spent sitting commuting. On the chance you work at your home office, you are able to benefit from your well-equipped apartment all day long! But for some employees who are required to go into work each day, the health risks aren’t worth a long commute, and you may figure out you’re in a better state of mind when you reduce your time driving.

Is Your Job In A Desirable Place?

Your life outside of work is important as well. Occupying an apartment near your job will not be a good fit for you if it isn’t near your kids’ schools or your preferred restaurants and shopping areas. The end result will be extra time in the car picking up or dropping off children or running errands.

You may reconsider residing next to your office if that part of town is louder than other options. If you hear car horns or railroad crossings at all hours, you might as well relocate in another neighborhood where you can rest easily before you arise a bit earlier for your commute.

Are You Sure You Can’t Find Your Dream Apartment Near Your Job? Union Street Flats Can Help

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Westfield provides numerous attractive apartment communities to choose from. If you request some help, coworkers and friends can apprise you of their preferred locations next to your workplace. You may want to tour more than one complex to locate the right place, but the effort will be worth it when you occupy an apartment that is perfect for your life and with a short commute.

If you want to explore some of the best apartments around begin searching for your next home at Union Street Flats. We offer roomy units in a desirable Westfield area close to restaurants, schools, and several prominent employers. To learn more about our impressive property, contact (317) 942-3629 or request a tour with a member of our friendly team.