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Should I Rent An Apartment Or Buy A House In Westfield?

January 20, 2021

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In the past several years, common wisdom in regards to buying a home or renting an apartment in Westfield has flipped upside down. Buying a home allows for a source of pride and connectivity that you cannot derive from renting, but it can also be an origin point for difficulty and steep costs. Renting may bring some added rules, but also allows for flexibility and fixed expenditures home ownership doesn’t. Here are a few notes to think about ahead of deciding to buy a house or rent an apartment in Westfield.
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Money is Key

Costs, both in-advance and reoccurring, can differ wildly between buying a house and renting an apartment. The home buying transaction is rife with charges that normally have to be collected upfront - in addition to your down payment. There is first-year insurance fees, earnest money, house appraisals and inspections, and other various charges - all before your utility bills even kick in. That’s not even including the added costs of maintenance and any remodeling you may desire.

Renting has a noticeably lower limit for entry. Standard renting upfront fees include a security deposit, first month’s rent, and other various deposits or fees. While some say that money paid for renting is gone forever, money spent on a place to live is never a waste.

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Areas for Yourself and the Entire Family 

What you want from your living quarters may be the critical aspect in determining if you should buy a house or rent an apartment in Westfield. The typical house size in the US is continually growing, meaning more room for bedrooms or an extra bathroom. A house will likely have grass for kids and pets to roam free and play in.

You can locate apartments in various layouts and floorplans. Inside, you can have anything from a 1-bedroom to a 3-bedroom, but the units all come in fixed layouts. Your apartment should have have walking paths and a dog park, and other families living on the other side of the wall. Of course, most houses don’t come with amenities like a fully equipped workout room or swimming pool

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Maintenance Woes

While the freedom that comes with having a house is incredible, it does come with a price. In the event that a pipe burst or air conditioner break, it is on you or someone you hire to make the repairs. In a complex, there are maintenance professionals that is available 24/7. Not only is having a maintenance professional on-call useful, but it may also save you some serious replacement fees. Repair fees are included in your renting bill, while any repairs on a house come directly out of pocket.

Flexibility for Your Way Of Living

Your job and lifestyle can be massive factors in whether to buy a house or rent an apartment in Westfield. Selling a house can be a lengthy, complex process. If you work in a position that requires you to relocate frequently, undertaking the selling process could be more trouble than it is worth. Renting an apartment is a more simple process that doesn’t involve real estate agents or money lending - only the apartment staff and you.

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