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Items you can install in your apartment in Westfield

August 16, 2021
Model living room at Union Street Flats Apartments.

Whether you just moved into a new apartment or are looking to revamp your current living space, there are a few items you can install in your apartment in Westfield. Usually, you should stay away from hanging items that involve making a large hole in the wall or are permanent, such as a bidet. Your contract may also spell out the alterations you cannot take on. For things on the fence, read this run down before trying a self installation in your Westfield apartment.

Can I Install A Wall-Mounted TV Or Stereo Equipment?

Most apartments will allow you to put up a TV on the wall so you can increase the shelf space on your credenza. The rule of thumb for hanging items is that nails or brackets are alright, but stay away from holes bigger than your thumb. The same rule goes for floating speakers. Go and install the brackets, but don’t start boring into the drywall to snake in the wires.

Can I Use Security Devices In My Apartment In Westfield?

Even apartment inhabitants who stay in a “good” community often want added security, however, not all security components are helpful for a rental unit. Some security components require boring into drywall to snake in wires. Then you can’t take devices with you if you move. Or you may be charged at move-out to fix drywall damage. To keep in the rules, use plug-and-play cameras and devices that use a battery and connect to your WiFi network. Some apartment renters like the use of a doorbell with cameras.

Don’t even think about installing a new lock in your apartment in Westfield. Changing the locks on your apartment doors is most likely against the rules of your lease agreement. If you doubt your apartment lock’s quality, talk to the front office.

Model bedroom at Union Street Flats Apartments.

Can I Install A Ceiling Fan?

Ceiling fans will increase air circulation, but they may also make trouble with apartment management if you install one yourself. You should never install any object that needs electrical work. Your property owner won’t trust if you installed it correctly. They have to keep all Residents in your community out of danger and protect their property from questionable do-it-yourself repairs. Violating your lease this way will bring you fees or eviction.

If you want more cooling or lighting in your place, plug-in fans and standing lamps are your top bets. You might also have a discussion with the staff if you suspect your heating and cooling system is not running well. Or search out a place that comes with ceiling fans.

 Model bathroom at Union Street Flats Apartments.

Can I Install A Bidet Or Other Bathroom Fixture?

You may need to personalize your unit’s bathroom to your tastes. But hang on, apartment renters should not attempt big plumbing installations. Apartment pipe systems are interconnected, and a poor move could disrupt every renter’s water pressure. So installing a stand alone bidet should not be a great self install project.

You still havelThere’s plenty of smaller upgrades you can get for your bathroom. If you still want a bidet, get a bidet attachment to your toilet. For more comfortable showers, upgrade the existing shower head with a better fixture.

Model laundry room

Can I Install More Storage Shelves?

Every apartment floor plan allows for a closet in the bedroom, but most renters still need extra storage. Most storage solutions are perfect in your unit because you don’t destroy your current storage like built in shelves or create huge holes. You can put up wire shelving in your closets, hooks in your front rooms, or an additional towel bar for the bathroom. Or put in bracket shelves for books in your rooms and a magnetic strip for utensils in the kitchen.

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