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When To Call Maintenance In Your Westfield Apartment

It doesn’t matter if you rent a studio apartment, one-bedroom unit, or a larger apartment, chances are it won’t be long before you require a repair. But, are you sure you know when to call maintenance in your Westfield apartment?

Of Course, major issues, like HVAC and water leaks, justify a call, but what about minor issues? Do you also call in burned-out lighting or frayed carpeting? At what point should you fix things yourself? 

Request Service For Your Westfield Apartment When These Issues Arise

Minor bathroom sink repair.

If you find a significant issue – particularly something structural -- it's typically included in your tenant agreement. The following are common issues you may find:

  • Leaks and water infiltration: When you find a leak from the roof or you encounter a malfunctioning toilet or fridge that causes water damage within your unit, notify maintenance promptly.

  • Furnace and AC problems: In the event your air conditioner crashes, or your furnace fails, contact your maintenance professional. Even when it’s nice out, your HVAC should be operational.

  • Plumbing leaks and clogs: If the toilet won’t flush, attempt to clear it with your plunger. If you have no luck, call for help. You should also request service for those persistent kitchen, bathroom or shower drips.

  • Bugs: It’s common for pests to enter your apartment by attaching to your your clothing or your pet's coat. But if you notice any infiltrating insects and pests -- like ants, mice, or wasps – it's the perfect time for your maintenance staff to contact an exterminator.

  • Appliance breakdowns: If your refrigerator has lost its cool or your stove no longer heats, you should contact maintenance. All appliances that came with your apartment are typically covered, but smaller appliances you brought in – a microwave, toaster oven, mini fridge – is under your control.

  • Faulty doors or windows: Your front and patio doors should close and lock properly. If damage or swelling stops them from closing easily, they require replacement. Windows should also open, close, and lock as expected.

  • Drywall, flooring, and other issues: If there is drywall damage or a flooring concern, contact the maintenance team. Frayed carpet might require replacement, specifically if a tack is visible.


What Should You Fix Yourself?

Furnace filter being changed.

Not every issue warrants a call for help. While some property managers are willing to help with various light tasks like replacing filters, it may not always be convenient to arrange for a service for low-stress tasks. The following are some routine chores that could take a DIY approach:
  • Replacing Light bulbs: When lights burn out, they could easily be exchanged whenever you are able. With that being said, if your lighting installation appears to burn through bulbs, you might ask maintenance to find out if you have an issue with your electricity. Make sure to inquire if maintenance supplies light bulbs if they need changing as less common kinds are required on occasion.

  • Clogged pipes and toilets: When your toilet won’t flush, your first step is a plunger. It’s also smart to have some drain cleaner to remove the stoppage out of the drain. If you need a drain snake, touch base with maintenance to stay away from damage to the pipes.

  • Air filters: Unless noted in your renter’s agreement, you're on the hook to replace the furnace filter. Not switching it out will reduce the flow of air and negatively impact your HVAC performance. If you can't see through the filter, it's time for a new one. Your maintenance technicians may be willing to replace filters for you, so be sure to ask.

  • Cleaning: Regrettably, cleaning your Westfield apartment is a job for you. That goes for both your interior and exterior patio space.


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